Monday, May 04, 2015

Cookie of the Month - May 2015: Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Kate and I listed out the various choco chip cookies we've made so far and I noticed a distinct lack of peanut butter. Kate wanted to make another oatmeal chip cookie and I thought: "What if we make oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!?" Kate agreed and a new family favorite cookie was born.
Like usual, we doubled the recipe and went heavy on the choco chips ... but for some reason we ended up with over 100 cookies (probably close to 110, given all the dough I ... I mean the kids ... ate as well as the samples we had to try). There was so much dough, and it was so heavy with peanut butter (we used a whole jar!), that at one point, Elizabeth rested the mixer over the edge of the bowl, which was at the edge of the counter, and I realized that the mixer was not touching the counter at all. The 90% of the bowl that was on the counter was apparently heavier than the mixer, which was perched on the bowl's edge, overhanging nothing but the floor.
So ... with all that oatmeal, they're thick. With all that peanut butter, they're creamy. And with all those chocolate chips, they're delicious! Here are some quotes:
E: "They were delicious. I hope you guys enjoy them. I love you."
H: "They have chocolate chips in them."
K: "Peanut buttery goodness!"
J: "The cookie world is forever changed, blended into a trifecta of awesomeness."


Sunday, May 03, 2015

The April 2015 edition of "At home in NYC"

Our sincerest apologies, faithful blog readers. It's been a turbulent two months here at Ward, Inc. While we await our new corporate office in Reston to be selected and prepared, our division of fathering was temporarily relocated to our HQ campus in Alexandria. The division of mothering and our two subsidiaries (Sweet, Inc. and Skunkworks) still remain at our temporary swingspace in Brooklyn. Our main vehicle, Chair Force One, has been repaired following a surprise break-in during Easter week that left the whole company feeling slightly less than festive. Morale is at historic lows while we undergo much uncertainty awaiting the subleasing of our swingspace and awaiting the selection of our new corporate office. However, despite all that, under the stellar leadership and guidance on the mothering and fathering divisions, we are confident that Ward, Inc. will rebound in the next quarter and continue to maintain its market success in providing quality child development.

If you made it through that, congratulations. To celebrate, here are some pictures:

Easter in Leonardtown (note Henry's face in image 3):

National Geographic Museum:

A weasel in the house!

More weasels!

On top of Bear Mountain at the National Zoo:

A cowboy and his sister enjoy the Arboretum:

She found a four-leaf clover ... for reals

She does this with all flowers ... and puppies

Enjoying the foliage at Hains Point (DC).